Host a Pumpkin Painting Party!

Host a pumpkin painting party!!

These make great kids parties, fundraisers, or just a fall party!

I try to plan my pumpkin painting parties a little before Halloween the pumpkins can be displayed!

I also like to have people prepay or RSVP for their pumpkin or have a plan for someone else to use your leftover pumpkins. If you use Facebook to promote events, make sure you are not counting on everyone who said they are coming on Facebook to actually be there. I once had over 250 people in my small town without a stoplight say they were Interested in a pumpkin painting event AND… only 8 actually came to paint. Bummer, but thank goodness I didn’t buy 200 pumpkins!

Here is a quick rundown of supplies you will need.

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Pumpkins-make sure they sit up straight

Acrylic paint, the thin less expensive kind dries fast – 

Foam brushes – 

Paint brushes

Table covers- Newspapers will work

Water cups for your paint brushes

Plates for paint

Aprons or smocks if you have them, or have your guests wear old clothes.

I have the water cups and brushes already sitting on the tables, I typically limit them to 1 foam brush per person.  If you are painting outside, be cautious of the wind! Putting the water cup on the paint plate helps to keep the paint plate from blowing away.

Let the painters pick their colors, you put the paint on the plates for them. Otherwise, you will waste a LOT of paint.

Instruct them to use their foam brushes for large areas, and the paint brushes for smaller detail work. I typically just let them do their own thing and create! I do encourage the painters not to put the paint on too thick!

You might offer a game or an activity if you need some dry time, especially if you are painting with small children.

If you are looking to host a party for your business, see my 35 ways to promote your art party business for tips on how to get people to attend! 35-ways-to-market-your-art-party-business

xoxo ~Sarah


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