35 Ways to Market your Paint Party Business

Are you struggling to market your Paint Party, Wood Sign Painting or Paint and Sip business? Check out our 35 ways to Market your Art Party Business!

1. Set up social media accounts. I only use Facebook and instagram, but you can use whichever ones you are most comfortable with. See my Paint and Party Instagram and Facebook  here- InstagramFacebook

2. Start an email list first thing! You can use Mailchimp.com or Constantcontact.com to build your list.

3. Host a discounted party for friends and family, take lots of pictures! Use this to your advantage to show a packed house!

4. Post tons of pictures on social media of classes and things you are creating. Don’t be afraid to share.

5. Give out coupons in your classes for their next visit or to give to a friend.

6. Post in local Facebook groups about your business and upcoming events.

7. Offer a hostess incentive to have a private party. Example: hostess paints for free with 8 guests.

8. Reach out to local groups that typically do fundraisers to promote your services. Baseball teams, PTO, church groups, the possibilities are endless.

9. Drop off coupons for the employees at local salons or dr offices, places that your customers work.

10. Work with another local business to split the cost of a mailer or advertisement. Example: send a postcard with a coupon for your business and a coupon for a local ice cream shop.

11. Put a decal on your car, make sure the phone number or website are very clear.

12. Talk to people at your local craft store or the Walmart paint aisle, I’ve booked 3 kids canvas parties from just offering help in the paint or canvas aisle at Michaels.

13. Hang up flyers in local establishments about upcoming events. Make them bold and bright with easy to read contact information.

14. Give away paintings for a silent auction or raffle. I always have duplicate paintings from classes, those are great for giveaways. Make sure you attach a card to the painting and leave some business cards or handouts to promote your business at the event.

15. Set up a table at a festival, do a giveaway and collect email addresses. Make a big deal about the giveaway and post it on social media. You can email each person individually and tell them they did not win but you are offering them a discount to a party or a free hostess gift.

16. Ask your friends to help you by Sharing and Commenting on your social media posts.

17. Hand out business cards everywhere you go, or “accidentally” leave them behind.

18. Make sure you have a clear, easy way for guests to sign up for all events.

19. When people arrive to an event, have them “check in” on FB.

20. Offer a discount for 2 painters, example- 2 can paint for $40.  Paint parties are very social, it encourages guests to bring a friend!

21. Get the whole family involved, have a mommy and me party, or family night.

22. Join a moms group or other organization, offer to do a discounted event for members.

23. Print a calendar of events to have on the tables at each of your parties, people are excited while they are there, you could even offer a coupon code if they sign up that night.

24. Print information on private parties to lay on the tables at all events.

25. Network with other business owners, look for a meetup or a small business women’s group to promote your business.

26. Network with Realtors, they are always looking for a great gift for their clients. A custom wood sign or a private party in their new home would be an awesome gift!

27. Make a custom sign or canvas painting for your favorite business. Hopefully they will hang it up front and center. Make sure to give them some business cards too.

28. Tell everyone what you do! Don’t be afraid to let people know.

29. Do a giveaway for a specific event on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

30. Make your parties fun! Take lots of fun pictures, give away old canvas paintings, this is a great way to collect email addresses.

31. Make sure you have great photos of your signs or paintings, they can be with your phone, just take some time to edit.

32. Give a coupon to anyone who gives you a Facebook rating during a class.

33. Give a coupon to anyone who posts a picture or tags your business during the class.

34. Print out social media “follow us” cards to put on the tables during an event.

35. Have fun with it!! Smiling is contagious, if you are having fun and love what you do, people will come back to create with you!

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xoxo ~Sarah

2 thoughts on “35 Ways to Market your Paint Party Business

  1. i like the idea about discount tickets to family and friends and take pictures to show a full class. I also like the idea about giving coupons to attendees who post pictures and tag your business during class. These are really good ideas.

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